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Do we get wet?

No, not if you do not want to!

All take off and landings are done from the back deck of the Parasail boat.  Although if you ask us, getting a royal splash in the water at the end of your flight is by far the best part.  However, in the rare event of an unexpected water landing you will slowly float down and land in the water.  Make sure you leave all valuables onboard the boat in our waterproof case before you get harnessed up and taken Parasailing to be on the safe side.

What do we need to wear?

You may wear whatever you are most comfortable wearing.  Take into consideration that it does get cooler on the water verses being on land.  Obviously, if it is in your interest to get wet, a bathing suit is recommended. You can also bring a small bag with a towel or a change of clothes.

On cooler days pants, jacket and sneakers are recommended.

How long are we out for?

Each Parasail flight lasts approximately 10 minutes in the air and the entire duration of the trip is between 1-1.5 hours depending on how many people that is on the boat with you.  Everyone onboard takes turns to go up in the parachute. So make sure to let us know what your favorite tunes are. Our boats can carry up to 12 passengers on board per trip.

Can we fly together?

Our minimum weight is 90 kilos (wind dependent) for a Single flight and the maximum combined flight weight for our Tandem and Triple flight is between 170-240 kilos (wind dependent).

The stronger the wind, the less combined weight in the Parachute.

Is it safe? How do we know these guys know what they’re doing?

The team at Flying Kiwi Parasail has over 30 years experience within the Parasailing industry. All skippers and crew go through an extensive and thorough Parasail specific training process. The equipment is recognised and surveyed by Maritime New Zealand.

We have been safely operating in the Bay of Islands since 1998.

Can we bring our camera?

You may bring your own camera at your own risk. Flying Kiwi Parasail assumes NO responsibility if you drop it in the water or if it gets splashed on.

We offer a Go-Pro package for $45/flight that gets uploaded to your phone after your flight.

Who can go Parasailing?

Anyone can go Parasailing with us as there is NO AGE OR PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS.

Children under 8 years MUST Parasail with someone over 18 years and a child must weigh more than 20 kilos to be able to go Parasailing.

A person must weigh less than 160kg’s to be able to parasail with us.

Are observers allowed onboard?

Observers are welcome onboard if there is space available at the time on a first come first serve basis and to the charge of $40.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, however we charge a $10 admin cancellation  fee.

strictly NO refunds for bookings canceled within 24 hours of departure time or no shows.

Parasailing is a weather dependent activity. In the case that we need to cancel your parasailing flight due to the weather being uncooperative we will reschedule your booking or issue a full refund if rescheduling is not possible.


Our boats run a very tight schedule and need to leave on time. Please check in at our office on the Paihia wharf 15 minutes prior to departure time. There is strictly no refunds for late check ins or no shows.