Easter Bunnies

Us as a family love hanging out at the fabulous Waitangi Mountain Bike Park

Sometime we take turns on going up on the big hills with the keen kids whilst the other stay back down on the lower family loops with the less keen ones. I find that having a bag of snakes help a lot too. Then of course that mandatory milk shake at the hub afterwards is well earned.

But honestly this park is so much fun for all family members. Big and small kids…


Then of course there is the paddle boarding and kayaking on the waterfront with Baybeachhire

Dan the man who runs the place is awesome with a wicked sense of humor. He can rent you both kayaks (sit-on-tops is easier for the kids) and paddle boards (which I love) and you can paddle up to the waterfall in Haruru Falls or just to one of the cute Islands just in front for some skinny dipping (as you will probably be the only ones on the Island).

Sailing on-board the beach landing barefootsailing

This catamaran is different as you take off and come back with them landing on the beach in Paihia. They also have way too comfortable bean bags on-board that you will never want to leave. I would bring some drinkies and snacks and maybe get on their “sundowner trip” if you guys are too busy with other activities during the day. Although their day trip is by far the best one in the Bay.

Any how, this is all for this weeks Blogg.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter Holiday and please drive safe where ever this Easter may take you.

Much Aroha,