Crazy times

Hi there you fabulous humans doing your best to stay safe and positive in these changing times.

NO, this is not another blog about Covid-19 but rather an acknowledgment that YES, we know that you are out there Covid but we’ll stand up again… and STRONGER than ever!


What a fabulous opportunity to hang with your kids and family, paint the house and do gardening. To finally get those things done that have been hanging over you for the last…5-10 years… it’s OK, we all have those.

Just to have the time to calm down, not having to stress out the door first thing in the morning with stressed-out grumpy kids. It’s amazing…yes you get the vibe, we are absolutely loving it.

Our Earth is getting a well-deserved break with pollution all over the world at the absolute lowest it’s been for years. Endangered turtles are laying eggs on beaches usually full of tourists. Clear waters in the canals in Venice with water levels not rising? Wow…is’nt that amazing?

Well, we keep busy and out of trouble at Flying Kiwi Parasail. We are restructuring the business, organizing, name it. We are all prepared for a great comeback before you know it.

Just remember, we’ll be flying you higher than ever before you have even started to miss those big bright SMILEY parachutes in the sky above the Bay of Islands

Just a quick thought and lots of Love (the unconditional kind) to all amazing hospital workers and lightworkers out there.


Much Aroha,