Christmas Staff Party

It sure has been a tough year for all of us…not the least your awesome staff.

We offer our EPIC Private Parasail Charter which is something truly different from the usual dinners out with your staff. Don’t get me wrong you can do that too, but how about starting your evening off by taking them all (and their partners..maybe) Parasailing? We can then drop you guys off right where the dinner is. Whether it is in Russell, Paihia or on one of the beautiful Islands in the Bay.

Our parivate charter is 1.5 hours and can take up to 12 passengers, everyone taking turns to go up in the parachute. Why not bring a cooler with something to warm you all up. This sure is taking the Christmas staff due to the next level.

Check out this product Christmas party


May you all have a fabulous rest of this year as it can only get better..right?