Christmas is just around the corner

Ah, welcome beautiful, beautiful New Zealand summer.

The days are longer, the sun is out and the ocean is getting warmer. There are kayaks out on the water, swimmers, paddle boarders, sailors and of course parasailors. The Bay is slowly waking up after quite a long quiet slumber. We are most defenitely ready to get busy again and absolutely can’t wait to welcome guest and customers.


Not that we stopped dipping in the water during the winter months, however it is defenitely getting warmer and not as “refreshing” as it has been. Our customers has reveled that they now can feel their toes afterwards.

Remember that to enter our office or boats there is a mandatory BE KIND AND HAPPY rule that apply to all guests and customers. If this is not obeyed we will cut your line and you get to enjoy a quaranteen free flight to somewhere in the pacific, at an additinal cost to you!


Our boats can take up to 12 passengers at one time, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. The music onboard is free of charge, however you are allowed to complain about the songs prefered by your skipper AND suggest to “shuffle”. Under no circumstance must the skipper comply.


See you out there doing it New Zealand.

Much Aroha Jules and the team