We’re Famous

Check out some of our media appearances, epic fun to watch.

Moses from the NZ Batchelor Moses from the NZ Batchelor 2021 takes his date Parasailing brought a lovely lady on a parasail date in 2021. Watch here the bachelor 2021

Grab A Random with air New Zealand and grab a seat


The most epic New Zealand travel show Travel Guides NZ came up for a visit.

Check us out. The three dudes are hilarious…



Air New Zealand came for a visit with these two awesome dudes.

Check out FunForLouis! aren’t the views over the Bay of Islands absolutely insane?

A Chinese production company Hong Kong Viu visited us back a few years ago and it was just so much fun having these crazy critters onboard.

Office Girl Julia went for a Parasail with 100% Pure New Zealand’s new marketing campaign Good Morning world. Is’nt it such a great one? 365 days of New Zealand awesomeness.